Weekly Sunday Bible Study

Sunday mornings at 10:45 am

Join us after 9:30 worship for a short session (19 minutes) to study a variety of biblical and life-applicable topics.

A Study of the Book of Romans

Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (on Zoom)

The book of Romans was so important to Martin Luther that he once said, "Every Christian should know it word for word, by heart." So do you have Romans memorized? Me neither! But since it's such an important book, we are planning to spend some time in it together. We'll meet on Zoom Wednesday evenings from 7:00-7:30, July 22 to September 16 (except for August 12). All you'll need is your Bible. If you would like to join, email for the Zoom invitation. 

The following classes will be resumed in the future.

Faith Builders Class

All are invited to attend this class, both members of Lamb of God and friends. This class continues on from the 4 Key Concepts class, serving as an excellent way to study the foundational truths of Christianity and ask your tough questions. It is also the final phase of our new member classes for those desiring to become members at Lamb of God. Even if you did not attend the 4 Key Concepts classes, you are welcome to join us!

4 Key Concepts Class

We all want answers to life’s big questions. Why is life so difficult? What is God up to in the world? How can I be sure I’m going to heaven? What is the meaning of my life? 

Thankfully, God gives us those answers in the Bible. But the Bible is a big book and it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we hope you join us for this class so that you can find God’s answers to life’s big questions and learn the 4 Key Concepts of the Bible, which are an essential foundation to a correct understanding of the Bible as a whole. 

Whether you have been part of a church for your entire life or have never stepped foot in a church before, the 4 Key Concepts Class is a great opportunity to study the basic teachings of God’s Word and ask your tough questions—everything is fair game! It is also the starting point for those who are interested in becoming members of Lamb of God – but there is no obligation and no pressure to continue the membership classes. The 4 Key Concepts Class is taught by our pastor and runs for four weeks. Please contact the pastor for dates for the next series.

Women's Bible Study

Includes the Caring Card Ministry