Welcome Home

Read through Scripture and count the times it refers to believers as “brothers and sisters.” You will reach triple digits quickly. The Holy Spirit is deliberate with his choice of words. If he frequently refers to the Church in those terms, there can be only one explanation. He wants us to think of each other as family.

We understand the important roles a mother and father play. We know the joys (and challenges) of having siblings. Do we grasp that it is just as important that we have a spiritual family? Scripture teaches that what unites us to our spiritual family is infinitely more powerful than any biological bond. Moreover, you can lose a blood relative. They can be taken away from you by death. But you will enjoy the companionship of your spiritual family for all eternity.

In this worship series, we will look at how our Father knits us together in love and unity into a spiritual family. We will see the benefits of being part of this family. In the Church, Christ has given us a better home!

October 27

Welcome Home: Our Need For Christian Community

November 3

Welcome Home: You Are Free To Be Yourself

November 10

Welcome Home: Where You Are Perfectly Safe

November 17

Welcome Home: You Have An Everlasting Family

November 24

Welcome Home: You Are Part of Christ's Glorious Kingdom