Even though 2020 is now over (finally!), many of the burdens it brought into our lives are not. Everyone is looking for relief these days, but not everyone is looking in the right place.

As we begin a new year, God reminds us that the true relief we’re looking for can’t come from a vaccine or a stimulus package or a relaxing of restrictions. It can only come from him, as he gives himself to us in his Word and Sacraments to grant us relief from our greatest burdens. Join us in this worship series as God brings us the good news that relief has arrived!

  • January 10 - Relief from Helplessness
  • January 17 - Relief from Uncertainty
  • January 24 - Relief from Worldly Attachments
  • January 31 - Relief from Deception
  • February 7 - Relief from Suffering
  • February 14 - Relief from Despair (Festival of Transfiguration)

Join us every Sunday at 9:30 am at church or online. 

Our 19-minute Bible study follows the Sunday service.