Sometimes life gets out of focus, especially with all of the disruption and uncertainty that we’ve been going through. Our purpose gets blurry, our goals get sidetracked, and we lose sight of what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. Thankfully, we have a God who sees everything clearly, and who helps give us the spiritual vision we need to get back on track. Join us in this worship series as God puts the big things in life back in focus.

July 18        Focus on Sharing Your Faith

July 25        Focus on Time in God’s Word

August 1     Focus on the Needs of Others

August 8     Focus on Spiritual Blessings

August 15   Focus on What Truly Satisfies

August 22   Focus on Wisdom from Above

August 29   Focus on Following Christ

Worship every Sunday at 9:30am at church or online.  |   Our 19-minute Bible study follows the Sunday service.