10 for 10 Sermon Series

“All the church ever talks about is money!” Have you ever heard that statement before? Have you maybe even said something like that before? Certainly, churches can (and sometimes do) try to pressure or guilt people into giving more, which is obviously wrong. However, the Bible does have a lot to say about money and how we are to use it, so completely avoiding the topic would not be faithful to Scripture either.

In this series, we will examine the topic of giving from a Biblical perspective. Giving gifts to Jesus should feel like giving gifts to a loved one—we do it because of how much we love them, not because we feel obligated to. Since Jesus sacrificed and suffered to rescue us from hell and give us eternal life, we want to show him our love by giving him gifts. And as we give from a willing heart, we will truly discover that in giving, we actually receive. As Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

September 8, 2019

Open Hearts: Firstfruits Giving

September 15, 2019

Open Minds: Proportionate Giving

September 22, 2019

Open Hands: Sacrificial Giving