Lamb of God offers a way to let members share, receive, and pray for the needs of others. 

  • You may submit a prayer request using the form below.
  • You may submit a prayer request on the communication card on Sunday mornings at church and leave it in the offering plate.
  • You may call the church to deliver a prayer request, 480-283-8329.

Your prayer request will be treated with great discretion and shared with a limited group of prayer warriors who will consider it a gift to cover you in prayer. 

Names of persons requesting prayer and their personal situations are not open for discussion or questioned in any way. You may also direct that you remain anonymous when your prayer request is shared with the group. If your prayer request is extremely sensitive, take comfort in knowing others can still pray for you without knowing all the specific details of your situation. 

Our group will include you in prayer regularly and would invite you to contact the group again when you've seen God's hand and/or God meets your needs so that we can rejoice with you.