“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:43,45). With these words Jesus urges us to live a life of service to others out of thankfulness for the life of service that he lived for us. 

Though we strive to serve others in every area of our life, below are some specific ways that you might consider serving others at Lamb of God.


    Contact: Pastor Koepke

    Description: Ushers hand out worship folders to people as they come into church, and if seating becomes full, assist latecomers in finding a seat as needed. If the sanctuary fills up, they would set up chairs in the fellowship area for additional seating as needed. They assist with any needs that may arise during the service, and on communion Sundays, they help direct people up to communion in an orderly fashion. We would hope to have 2 ushers per Sunday, serving on a monthly rotating basis.

  • sunday school helper

    Contact: Sarah Koepke

    Description: Having a helper in the Sunday School room allows the teacher to focus her attention on teaching the children about Jesus and gives extra hands to help where needed. The Sunday School Helper will assist with helping the children follow directions, listen to the Bible story, complete the activities, go to the bathroom, supervise outdoor play afterwards, etc. Helpers serve on a rotating basis—a sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board.

  • supervise children during church

    Contact: Pastor Koepke

    Description: We love having our children in the service, but when parents want a private space to attend to their needs during the service, we have a children’s room for them, located near the mailboxes. By volunteering to supervise this room, we can give parents of young children the chance to participate in the service and listen to the sermon without distraction. The volunteer would stay in the room throughout the service—you can still hear the service through the speakers. Volunteers will serve on a rotating basis—the goal would be to have each volunteer serve about once per month.

  • worship technician

    Contact: Brian Welch

    Description: The worship technician runs the music playlist and the live stream during the worship service. Having a basic (though not necessarily extensive) understanding of computers is important for this position. Training would be provided, and the volunteers would receive assistance for their first Sunday or two before being asked to do it on their own.

  • worship slide creator

    Contact: Brian Welch

    Description: The worship slide creator puts together the Google Slides presentation for the worship service so that people can follow along on the screen. They do this using the worship folder that is sent out towards the end of the week. Training would be provided for the first time or two until volunteers become comfortable with the task.

  • serve refreshments

    Contact: Pam Andrews

    Description: This volunteer brings refreshments for people to enjoy after the worship service, providing an extra incentive for people to stick around and visit with each other. Provide small bottled water and juice boxes, along with simple pre-wrapped snacks, such as cookies, crackers, muffins, fruit slices, etc. Please also make coffee before the service. Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.

  • printing

    Contact: Pastor Koepke

    Description: This volunteer comes into church on Saturdays to print and fold the worship folders and insert Connection Cards into the worship folders. The whole process takes about 40 minutes.